Those born in the month of April are lucky enough to have the most valuable and precious gemstone as their birthstone: the diamond. Diamonds are the perfect gift for those born in April. Its unmatched shine and luster have made the glamorous diamond a favorite for both men and women for centuries. They are known for their toughness. In fact, diamonds are actually the hardest material in the world, and can only be cut by other diamonds. They add beauty and luxury to any situation, making diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI the perfect birthday gift! Read on to learn more about this precious gemstone.

History of the diamond

Diamonds are formed below the surface of the Earth’s crust before being pushed upward, where they are later uncovered. Many ancient civilizations thought diamonds were lightning on Earth. This is likely how the stone became associated with having healing powers. The diamond was thought to cure brain disease, cleanse the body of toxins and relieve pituitary gland disorders. They first became prevalent in India, where they were mined from three major rivers in the 1400s. The diamonds were then sold throughout Europe. From there, diamonds became a jewelry staple known for symbolizing eternal and lasting love. Today, diamonds are found in Australia, Ghana, Zaire, Russia, Brazil and the United States.

The meaning of April’s birthstone

Diamonds are the birthstone for April, but they’re known for so much more than that. You likely know the stone’s association with love. The ancient Romans thought Cupid’s arrow had a diamond on its tip. Even today, some people believe diamonds can improve and even ensure the longevity of a relationship. Diamonds’ extreme strength has also led to the belief that they will increase the strength and courage of the wearer.

Diamond jewelry birthstone gifts

You can’t go wrong with giving anyone who was an April baby the timeless gift of diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI. Here are some of our favorite April birthstone gift options:

  • Diamond pendant: A stunning diamond pendant is a guaranteed way to take someone’s breath away. Choose a classic clear diamond with a gold chain for a timeless staple the wearer will treasure. Another option is a bezel-set diamond flanked by an intricate sterling silver pendant.
  • Diamond stud earrings: A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings will be treasured for years to come, and they’ll look great on anyone!
  • Diamond tennis bracelet: There are so many different styles to choose from when it comes to tennis bracelets. You can opt for a classic 14k white gold tennis bracelet, or a trendy rose gold option. Either way, your loved one will absolutely adore their new diamond bracelet.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart? Want to treat yourself to something special? Diamond pendants in Sterling Heights, MI are ideal. Their elegance and refinement add shimmering beauty to any look. Available in a variety of styles, diamond pendants can suit any taste.

Check out the latest selection of diamond pendants in Sterling Heights, MI below. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a pendant, please contact your expert jewelers at Howard’s Fine Jewelry:

  • Heart pendant: This 18k white gold diamond heart pendant is a dazzling expression of love. Simple but elegant in design, it is a perfect gift to tell someone how much you care. The pendant features 37 diamonds and weighs .25ct.
  • Snowflake pendant: This intricate design features 75 diamonds that create a beautiful snowflake shape. The 18kt white gold diamond pendant weighs .70ct. For those seeking a gift for a one-of-a-kind sweetheart, this snowflake pendant is ideal.
  • Spiral pendant: This flowing 18kt white gold diamond pendant draws the eye with its 15 flowing diamonds. The piece weighs .53ct. Its design makes it the perfect complement to v-neck attire.
  • Floral pendant: For those who want a splash of color with their diamonds, this floral design is a magnificent match. The 18kt white and yellow gold diamond pendant features gold petals accented with diamonds. Diamonds total .21ct.
  • Clover pendant: Resembling a flower or four-leaf clover, this 18kt white gold diamond pendant would make any recipient feel lucky. With a large center diamond, the clover is outlined with diamonds, for a total of 59 gems weighing .55ct.
  • Cross pendant: Eleven diamonds make up this cross-shaped pendant. Wear it as an expression of faith. Give it as an expression of love. The 18kt white gold diamond cross pendant’s 11 diamonds weigh .96 ct.
  • Hollow heart pendant: This heart-shaped pendant features 22 diamonds weighing .17ct. The traditional heart design is never out of style. It’s a classic among diamond pendants in Sterling Heights, MI.
  • Cascade pendant: With a flowing design that attracts attention, this 18kt white gold diamond pendant weighs .03ct. For those seeking a unique design, this is made for you.
  • Cognac diamonds: A combination of cognac and white diamonds create an attractive 14kt diamond pendant. The clover-like shape features a total of .08ct cognac diamonds and 3/8ct white diamonds.
  • Floral sphere: Want something unique to add to your jewelry collection? This 18kt diamond pendant in Sterling Heights, MI features a fashionable floral and circular design combination that will make you stand out in a crowd when you don it.

Stay on Trend

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Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, from blues to pinks and yellows. In a white diamond, though, the presence of certain color tints will lower its value. You want less color in a white diamond so it can reflect more true color, which makes it more valuable.

The diamond industry uses the GIA color scale, which is a scale from D (colorless) through Z (light color). All of the diamonds that fall within this scale are considered white diamonds, even if they do have a little bit of color in them. True colored diamonds have their own color scale used to grade them.

The differences between some of these grades can be extremely difficult for the untrained eye to spot, and usually only a gemologist is able to make an accurate grade by performing side-by-side comparisons. D, E and F diamonds, for example, all appear extremely similar to each other if you are not sure exactly what to look for, and especially if you do not have them next to each other for comparison. Those diamonds should only be set in white gold or platinum, because they are so clear—otherwise, yellow gold would reflect its color and eliminate the colorless effect you get out of the perfectly white diamond.

What to look for when buying diamonds

So, if you’re out at a jewelry store, what should you be looking for in terms of diamond clarity in Sterling Heights, MI?

Typically, you’ll find the best value in the G to J range. If you’re getting a larger diamond (over one carat) you should opt for the G to H range, as color is easier to detect in these diamonds, but I to J is perfectly fine for diamonds under one carat.

What gives these diamonds the best value? Since it’s nearly impossible for the naked eye to discern the difference at the top of the color scale for white diamonds, you’re not losing much of anything with regard to aesthetic value in purchasing a diamond a little farther down the scale, but you’re also saving yourself quite a bit of money in the process. If you really want to make a visual difference you should invest in a higher cut rather than a higher color, as the cut is going to play more of a role in the diamond’s brilliance.

Diamonds that have more facets reflect more light, which means they’re going to hide color better than other shapes. Therefore, round, princess and other modified brilliant cuts are going to give you a little more leeway in terms of color.

Finally, if you are concerned about carat weight and have a smaller budget to work with, consider getting a yellow gold setting and a round diamond that falls in the K to L color range. A lower color with a higher cut grade will have more visual appeal than a diamond in a higher color range but lower cut grade.

For more information about buying diamonds and what to look for with regard to color and diamond clarity in Sterling Heights, MI, contact Howard’s Fine Jewelry or pay a visit to our store today!

The diamond has been a popular jewel of choice for centuries. The sparkling, crisp and luxurious diamond has long been beloved by women and men alike, across cultures and geographies. The unmistakable shimmer of the decadent diamond is found in everything from the most elaborate wedding rings and watches to the subtler statement necklaces. Around the world, the diamond is admired for its extreme resilience, beauty and opulence.

The beloved gemstone is actually the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in the month of April. There is so much more to the diamond birthstone than just having an excuse to wear the sparkling favorite, though. Here are a few interesting facts about the April diamond birthstone and the true meaning behind it.

Deeper meaning

The diamond carries a special meaning for those with an April birthday. There are countless legends and myths about the different healing powers and therapeutic influences of wearing one’s birthstone. Opting to wear your birthstone during the assigned month is said to increase the powers thought to be carried by the stone. Traditionally, wearing diamonds has been known to improve happiness in relationships, increase success at work and assist in developing inner strength. The diamond is also associated with a variety of other benefits, including mental clarity and financial prosperity. Now, we’re not saying you’ll automatically get a promotion at work by wearing diamonds, but it can’t hurt to try!

A classic favorite

Mythology aside, the diamond is a wonderful birthstone for a variety of reasons. You likely already know that diamonds are incredibly durable. In fact, the diamond is actually the hardest gemstone available, and can only be cut with another diamond. Diamonds come in multiple colors. Most people know the classic colorless stone, but diamonds can also come in yellow, red, blue, pink and green. The shade can vary from faint to incredibly vivid. Typically, a more saturated diamond will have a higher price tag. The carat weight and clarity will also influence its value.

How to buy diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI

Before you start shopping, do a little research to determine what type of diamond and cut the recipient would like. Some women might favor a timeless oval shape, while others prefer a vintage pear cut. The diamond will last a lifetime and should reflect the personality and taste of the lucky wearer. Then, identify your budget before heading to the jewelry store to start shopping. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a sizable diamond. A jeweler will be able to help you select the perfect diamond pendant, ring or tennis bracelet based on your budget.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, you may be starting to feel the pressure. Valentine’s Day is the one day a year to make that special romantic gesture that will always remind her how much you love her. Unfortunately, chocolates and roses don’t exactly say “forever love.” If you want a gift that will truly symbolize the love you share, give her a gift that will last—diamonds.

Diamonds are a time-honored tradition and the official gift of Valentine’s Day, and it’s no wonder why. The warm fire sparkling from within the depths of diamonds, combined with their quality and ever-lasting beauty, makes them the perfect symbol of the deep love you share. At Howard’s Fine Jewelry, we have a large selection of premium quality diamonds and beautifully crafted ring settings, bracelets, pendants and more. No matter what stage of your relationship you are in or what her unique taste may be, you’re sure to find the perfect gift among our large selection of diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI.

However, if you’re looking for suggestions, we think there are two options that definitely exceed the rest when it comes to giving the perfect diamond gift this Valentine’s Day. Read on to learn more!

Engagement rings

If you’ve reached a stage in your relationship where you’re ready to pop the question, you couldn’t pick a better day than Valentine’s Day. Just imagine forever celebrating Valentine’s Day as the day the two of you promised your love to one another. In honor of the holiday and all the loving couples out there, we’re offering diamond engagement rings at 50% off for Valentine’s Day, which is just one more reason why this is the perfect time to ask her to be yours forever.

Heart pendants

If you’re not quite ready to propose marriage, but still want to show her how much you care, we offer other, subtler options for diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI. Heart pendants are the perfect option to show her how much you love her this Valentine’s Day. The heart is the historic symbol of the center of love and affection. What better way to show her that she’s the center of your love and affections than giving her a diamond heart pendant? At Howard’s Fine Jewelry, we have several styles of diamond heart pendants to choose from to fit any style or budget. Plus, for Valentine’s Day only, all of our heart pendants are 50% off!

No matter what stage your relationship is currently in, diamonds are always the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. From diamond heart pendants to engagement rings and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect way to say “I love you” among our selection of fine diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI. But don’t wait! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and these discounts won’t last forever. Browse our selection of beautiful diamond jewelry in store or online today. We look forward to helping you!

With the holidays right around the corner, people are starting to assemble their gifts to show their appreciation for the loved ones in their lives. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your wife or girlfriend, jewelry is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. Giving the gift of jewelry is a time-honored tradition, and jewelry often serves as a luxurious reminder of your adoration for your partner.

When it comes to picking out the right jewelry to gift, though, that’s when many people falter. With so many types of jewelry on the market, how could you possibly be expected to pick “the” perfect one? However, you can rarely go wrong by opting to give the gift of diamonds!

As a leading provider of diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI, we like to remind confused gift givers that holidays are a time for celebration and fun. Now is the perfect time to choose a piece that is a little more unique and special. We are certain your loved one will appreciate the extra touch.

Delight her with dancing diamonds

Some of the most popular and more unique types of diamond jewelry we offer in Sterling Heights, MI are diamond pendants that move and shimmer. We often refer to these as “dancing diamonds.” What makes these diamonds so special is the way they are suspended within the pendant; rather than laying flat against the body, they are suspended and able to move with each motion, creating a dancing, dazzling sparkle unlike other gems.

Pendants are also a great addition to a current jewelry lover’s collection. She can add the pendant to her favorite chain, or you can purchase a new one that completes the look.

Opt for simpler elegance with diamond studs

If your loved one isn’t much of a jewelry wearer but does appreciate adding a bit of sparkle around her face, diamond stud earrings are a great alternative. This gift is classic and timeless, and diamond stud earrings match virtually every occasion, meaning she will be able to enjoy your gift all year long.

If studs are a little too simple for your partner’s tastes, you might want to venture into the realm of dangling or chandelier-style earrings. While a little more extravagant, dangling earrings with diamond accents will give your loved one some extra glimmer to match the light in their eyes.

Browse our selection of diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI

If you’re looking for the perfect gift and decide that diamond jewelry is the right choice, visit Howard’s Fine Jewelry. For almost 70 years, we’ve been a premium retailer for all of your jewelry needs in Sterling Heights, MI. We specialize in silver, gold and engagement jewelry, but also offer a large selection of diamonds, watches, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for both men and women.

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