While diamonds have long been the stone of choice for engagement rings, we have recently seen a reemergence of colored gemstones as an extremely popular alternative. There are many reasons why gemstones have made such a comeback, including their own unique beauty in addition to many of the ethical dilemmas surrounding the diamond mining business.

Sapphires are the birthstone for the month of September, so we thought it would be fitting to discuss a rising trend of sapphire engagement rings. Perhaps the most famous example of a sapphire ring in the world belongs to Kate Middleton, who helped bring sapphire back to the forefront. But here are just a few of the other reasons why sapphire in Sterling Heights, MI mkes a great stone for an engagement ring:

  • They’re unique: No two sapphires are alike, even sapphires of the same color. This means every single sapphire ring is one of a kind and has its own character. You’re getting a completely customized piece every time you purchase a sapphire ring—the jewelers can cut the gemstones in just about any shape and at very reasonable prices, while also using cutting techniques that maximize the luster and brilliance of these gemstones.
  • They’re ethical: Sapphires are usually mined in small community-operated or family-owned mines, meaning the benefits of their sales are more easily tracked than diamonds. The worldwide Kimberly Process established some rules that would halt the trafficking of conflict diamonds (frequently referred to as “blood diamonds”), but it is incredibly difficult to guarantee none of these diamonds will enter legitimate markets. Plus, the larger scale at which these stones are mined and the turbulent (at best) political conditions in the areas that host most of the world’s largest mines make it difficult to track their source. Therefore, if you’re looking for an ethical choice in your jewelry, sapphires are the way to go.
  • They’re durable: Sapphires come in at a nine out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it is extremely scratch resistant and durable. Other gemstones, such as emeralds, do not have the same indestructible characteristics. Considering an engagement ring is something a bride will likely wear every day for the rest of her life, having a stone that is not only beautiful but durable as well is something you should prioritize in your purchase.
  • They’re becoming more valuable: Sapphire sales are skyrocketing in value as they gain popularity around the world. This is especially true of untreated sapphires, because consumers are learning more about the benefits and value of natural, untreated sapphire stones. As sapphires become more common in engagement rings and jewelry, the gem will only continue to become more valuable, meaning now is a perfect time to make the purchase.

These are just a few of the reasons why sapphire in Sterling Heights, MI is becoming more popular for engagement rings. If you’re interested in learning more about using precious gems aside from diamonds in engagement rings, contact Howard’s Fine Jewelry today.

What do engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI symbolize? Traditionally, giving someone an engagement ring is a symbol of the love, caring and devotion you and your romantic partner share. It’s also a promise that marriage is coming soon. However, the shape and design of the engagement ring carry a variety of symbols that may be acknowledged by a couple. Ultimately, you want to do your best to select the perfect ring to represent your special relationship.

Know that it’s okay to go out on your own and choose a ring to give to your future spouse. Likewise, it’s perfectly fine to shop around for the perfect engagement ring together. Either way, there are some things you should look for when shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Check out our tips below:

  • The shape of the stone: While the four Cs of rings—cut, color, carat and clarity—are important, the first thing you need to know is what shape you and/or your partner favors. In fact, the shape is the factor that matters most. When we say “shape,” we are talking about the geometry of the stone, not the cut. The cut of the stone refers to the angles of the facet in the ring’s stone.
  • The setting: The most important thing after the shape is the setting. The setting is the metal framework that holds the stone securely in place, so it comes as no surprise that a quality setting is the thing that can set the tone for an engagement ring. For instance, a classic round stone gets a fresh pop of life in a bezel ring setting, while the look of an oval stone is transformed to appear more traditional when in a four-prong setting. The key to the perfect engagement ring? Selecting the right combination of shape and setting.
  • The type of metal: Luckily for you, you have a selection of metals to choose from for your engagement ring band. A popular choice is platinum. This metal is durable, and because it’s a pure metal, it’s a great choice for someone with sensitive skin who can only wear hypoallergenic materials. Gold is another wonderful and beautiful option, available in white, yellow and rose. Know what color of gold looks best on your partner by asking them or inspecting the jewelry they wear often.
  • Your partner’s style: If you and your partner won’t be shopping for an engagement ring together—if you want it to be a surprise—then you’ll need to do some spying. Seek help from their siblings or best friend, just as long as they can keep it a secret. Alternatively, snatch a look at their favorite pieces of jewelry to find out if they like platinum, yellow or white gold, round or oval cut stones. Also, pay attention to whether they prefer vintage or more modern style jewelry.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is not that difficult when you know what to look for ahead of time. For a selection of beautiful engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI, pay a visit to Howard’s Fine Jewelry!

Spring is the time of year when the weather starts to change and the flowers once again begin to blossom. Since spring inherently represents a time of new beginnings, it is also one of the best times of year to pop the question to the one you love. Here are just a couple of the reasons why spring engagements are so popular.

Photography shoots

Since spring is the time of year when the flowers and foliage are at their most abundant, an engagement during the spring season presents couples with the chance to set up a picturesque outdoor photo shoot to mark the occasion. Even if you prefer to have an indoor photo shoot, the bright, natural light that the spring sun provides will still guarantee that your photos turn out flawlessly.

Planning ahead

During the hectic winter holiday season, many people find that, by the time the new year rolls around, all of the gift giving and holiday travel has tapped them out financially. A spring proposal gives you a couple of months to recuperate and save up for the perfect engagement ring in Sterling Heights, MI, and might also give you the opportunity to take advantage of your tax return. Additionally, many couples try to set a wedding date that is about a year after the engagement, so a spring proposal will also put you in line for a beautiful spring or early summer wedding.

Showing off the ring

One of the most rewarding things about a spring engagement is that your loved one won’t have to worry about wearing gloves for several months, and will be able to show the ring off all the time. Because the ring will be displayed so prominently, it is important to take the time to pick out the best custom ring you can find, while also staying within your budget.

Here at Howard’s Fine Jewelry, we go above and beyond with each custom piece we craft, and we will work with you for as long as it takes to make sure you have a ring that your loved one will fall in love with. In fact, more than half of our engagement rings are custom made! All you have to do is show us a photo, or even a picture on your phone, and we will make a memorable ring with stunning, top-of-the-line quality. And because we make the ring for you, we will be able to cut out the middleman and can save you additional money that you can put towards your big day.

If you are ready to pop the question and want to browse an expansive collection of engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI, visit us at Howard’s Fine Jewelry. Popping the question starts with the perfect ring, and since 1948 we have been helping couples find exactly what they are looking for as they start preparing for the rest of their lives. Pay us a visit today so that you can browse our vast selection, or have your ring custom made and send your love over the moon.

Choosing whom you’re going to marry is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make—and it’s followed closely by choosing the perfect engagement ring! Whether you have a simple proposal planned or an extravagant romantic gesture in mind, you want to make sure that you are popping the question with the right ring.

Walking into a jewelry store can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you don’t have a particular taste for design. Thankfully, you can follow some basic guidelines to help you find a ring that fits your style, preferences and budget:

  • Set a budget: The most common budget guideline when it comes to buying engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI is that you should spend the equivalent of about two months’ salary. This can be a good starting point, but you might find that you want to spend more or less depending on your circumstances. Whatever the case may be, you should really have a price point in mind before you begin shopping.
  • Determine the style you want: You want to find a ring that expresses the style of the person to whom you are proposing, so make sure that you spend plenty of time thinking about her style preferences. Is she a fan of traditional designs, or does she like things that are modern and quirky? Whatever it is, it’s important that you focus on finding a ring that she will be thrilled to wear.
  • Select the perfect diamond: The diamond is the centerpiece of engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI, and there are many different options that you will have to choose from. You will need to decide whether you want a round, princess, pear, oval or heart shaped diamond, and you will also have to consider the quality and cut.
  • Protect your investment: You might think that diamond insurance or protection is overrated, but it is a precautionary measure that is well worth the investment. You can often get some form of protection for your ring from the jeweler you buy from. This plan will usually cover the cost to replace the ring should it ever be stolen or damaged. You might also choose to get additional coverage through a third-party insurance policy.

When you need to find the perfect engagement ring, you want to make sure that you are getting expert advice. At Howard’s Fine Jewelry, we have decades of experience helping customers find all of the right jewelry pieces, from watches to engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI. We understand that it can be a challenge for customers to find the perfect engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI, which is why we are happy to offer expert advice and customizable options so that you can find a beautiful piece that will practically guarantee that you hear a “yes” when you pop the question. You can give us a call to find out more about us, or just stop in today to see what we have in stock.

July has arrived, which means that, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get your loved one’s birthday gift. Since the ruby is the July birthstone, purchasing them ruby jewelry would be ideal. You might want to rush out the door to the jewelry store, but before you do that, you should ask yourself a few questions to ensure you get your loved one the perfect piece of jewelry.

Here are a few tips for buying ruby jewelry from a jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI to celebrate a loved one’s July birthday:

  • Do they wear jewelry? Before you head out to the jewelry store to pick up your loved one a great piece of ruby jewelry, you want to be sure that this person will actually wear it. You may be able to find a beautiful pair of earrings or a nice necklace, but if your loved one isn’t one to wear jewelry in the first place, it might be a good idea to get something you know they would like to wear or use.
  • What is their personal style like? If you are trying to decide what piece of jewelry to purchase as a birthday gift, considering your loved one’s personal style can point you in the right direction. Do they tend to dress up, or dress down? Maybe their personal style is somewhere in between. From trendy and chic to sexy and elegant, whatever you choose should stick to this and be something they can easily wear and use to complete their look.
  • What is their lifestyle like? A person’s lifestyle can affect a lot of things, including whether or not they wear jewelry and what kind of jewelry they can wear. You don’t want to just take into account what they do with their free time; think about their profession, too. For example, if someone is a chef, they will constantly be using their hands. It might be better to purchase a necklace or earrings instead of a ring that they may rarely get the chance to wear.
  • Is there anything they don’t currently have in their jewelry collection? It is always a good idea to purchase something that people don’t already have when you are getting them a gift. Even when buying them jewelry, you want to be sure they don’t currently own the exact piece you plan to buy, or that they don’t have anything too similar. Buying the exact same piece of jewelry or something similar to a piece they already own might require you to return to the jewelry store to find something different.

Picking out a birthday gift can be hard. It may be the thought that matters the most, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to find something your loved one will actually love. There are a lot of available pieces of ruby jewelry that you can purchase, so you can be sure your time and effort will be worth it and that your gift will be a hit.

Looking for a jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI with a great selection of ruby jewelry? Stop by Howard’s Fine Jewelry to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Hoping to surprise the love of your life with a proposal this Valentine’s Day? Before you can pop the big question, you need to find the perfect engagement ring to accompany your proposal. The engagement ring is a big deal. Not only is it a piece of jewelry she’ll be wearing for decades, but anyone newly engaged will be eager to show their new bling off to friends and family. Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a difficult task, though, given the countless different options available. You’ll want something that they’ll be proud to wear to wear for years to come that will also reflect their personal tastes and style.

To help you find a ring that will dazzle your new fiancée, we’ve assembled a list of the seven biggest trends in engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI: Continue reading →