Can you even remember what life was like before the internet existed? There’s no doubt that the World Wide Web has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and opened up new doors for people. You can now order groceries online, book appointments online, keep up with friends and family—and read blogs like this one!

But while the internet is great for some purposes, there are other areas in life where it still is best to do things the “old-fashioned” way, and shopping for jewelry is one of them. Here are five reasons why we think it’s a good idea to buy jewelry from a brick and mortar jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI instead of online:

  • Get the full picture: There are some things in life that simply cannot be replicated in a photo—and jewelry is one of them! No matter how high-quality the camera, the sparkle of a diamond or exact shade of a ruby needs to be experienced in person. The only way to be fully certain you picked the right product is to buy it in person, at your local jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI.
  • Know your jeweler: When you buy jewelry online, you are purchasing it from a nameless, faceless person. But when you buy from a favorite brick and mortar shop, you have the opportunity to get to know your jeweler. As she gets to know you and your tastes, she can recommend new pieces just for you, and maybe even set something aside when she knows you will like it.
  • Avoid scams and fakes: Imagine finally receiving your jewelry in the mail, only to realize it isn’t what it was supposed to be! No matter how savvy you make think you are, there is always a chance that the jewelry piece you are buying could be a scam or a fake. Even otherwise reputable ecommerce sites sometimes allow sketchy third-party vendors to sneak in through the cracks.
  • Create memories: When you tell your grandkids the story of buying your engagement ring, do you want the memory to just be clicking the button and waiting for it to arrive in the mail? Actually going to the jewelry shop and picking out a piece of jewelry creates a real memory that you can look back on fondly. There is something to be said for sentimentality!
  • Surprise yourself: Chances are you know what kind of jewelry you like—but shouldn’t you be open to trying new things? If you search for a specific gemstone or style online, you bypass all the other options, meaning you never get to discover new pieces that you just might fall in love with. Half the fun of going to a jewelry store is browsing, after all.

Looking to buy some jewelry for yourself or a loved one? If so, we hope you will visit Howard’s Fine Jewelry, your local jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the piece that is just right.

We’re very thrilled to be celebrating our 70th anniversary this year at Howard’s Fine Jewelry. It is hard to believe we’re entering our eighth decade in business as the go-to jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI, and we couldn’t be prouder of the legacy of high-quality jewelry pieces we’ve sold over the many years we’ve been working in the area.

We are so grateful to the many wonderful customers who continue to support us by coming in and purchasing our pieces and recommending our jewelry to their friends and family—we would not be celebrating this amazing milestone without your patronage and loyalty, and we do not take that for granted!

A brief history

We’ve been a mainstay in the Sterling Heights community since 1948. Our initial location was over on 7 Mile and Van Dyke, and we eventually moved to the corner of 8 Mile and Van Dyke to a slightly larger location.

It was at our second location that we truly began to take off as something more than just a tiny business. We became a powerhouse local business that sold far more than just jewelry. We sold many general goods at discount prices—the only store in the area offering the kind of discounts we provided at the time.

In 1989 we moved to our current location, 15 Mile and Van Dyke, and once again returned to focusing strictly on jewelry. We have maintained that focus ever since.

I personally took over the business in 2008, the year we celebrated our 60th anniversary. At the time, the economy was dreadful—the markets had just crashed, and we were heading into the worst economic downturn in decades. Many businesses, small and large, shuttered and failed, both here in Sterling Heights and on a national level.

Business was difficult during those times for us here at Howard’s Fine Jewelry, but we weathered the storm, and we sit here feeling more fortunate than ever at our 70th anniversary to be able to serve the people of the Sterling Heights are and beyond. Now, we’re once again a healthy company doing great business and providing unbeatable prices on outstanding jewelry items. We still provide the same high level of customer service that customers expected out of us generations ago, thanks to the dedication of our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff.

There are some things about our business that have changed. Our location has moved twice, the appearance of our current location has changed numerous times, and we have put more effort into our website and online branding to keep up with the constantly evolving world of business and technology.

But our commitment to outstanding products and customer service will never change. For as long as we’re in business, we strive to be the go-to source in the area for all your jewelry needs.

Come on down today to our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI and help us celebrate this big milestone for our business. We look forward to welcoming you to Howard’s Fine Jewelry!

You’ve probably seen diamonds, rubies and jade stones on rings and other types of pieces of jewelry, but what about peridot? Peridot is a gem that is yellowish-green in color and a transparent type of olivine. And even though it’s a birthstone, it is not worn as much as some other birthstones. In fact, many people with August birthdays don’t even know what peridot is until they perform an internet search for their birthstone!

Let’s get to know this pretty little gemstone a bit better. Below are some interesting facts about August’s birthstone. You’ll find peridot pieces available for 50 percent off at our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI this month!

  • Peridot or chrysolite: Chrysolite is another name for peridot. This stone’s two names are used interchangeably when referring to gemstones in jewelry. Interestingly enough, during Ancient Greek times, “chrysos” meant “gold,” and “lithos” meant “stone.”
  • It is found in varying shades: As far as gemstones go, peridot is one of very few stones that exist in only a single color. In this case, all peridot gems are green, but they’re found in different shades, ranging from pale green to bright lime green to olive green. The most sought after peridot gems are the ones that are sparkling lime-green, free of any yellow or brown hues. All shades of peridot green look beautiful paired with platinum or silver metals, which creates magnificent pieces of jewelry.
  • It’s mined worldwide: Peridot gemstones were made famous in Egypt, but it is not mined there exclusively. In fact, many peridot mines can be found in the United States (Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii and Nevada), as well as in other countries, including China, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
  • Cleopatra wore peridots: Egypt was the primary source of peridot gems during ancient times. As such, it makes since that the Egyptians would cast a spotlight on peridot. The stones were often made into talismans to ward off evil, but are most famously known for being the gemstone worn by Queen Cleopatra. Like many other people, you may have thought she wore emeralds, but they were in fact peridots. This belief was ingrained into minds because travelers at the time did not know of peridot, regularly mistaking the stone for darker green emerald gemstones.
  • On display at the Smithsonian: Did you know that the Smithsonian Museum houses the world’s largest known peridot gemstones? One famous peridot is a 46.16 karat gemstone mined and fully extracted in Pakistan. Another large peridot that’s a part of the Smithsonian’s collection weighs 34.65 karats. It is a necklace with a modified triangular step gemstone that was found in Arizona on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.

Peridots are commonly used for rings, pendants and earrings, and they can be cut into shapes ranging from oval to teardrop. In honor of August’s birthstone, Howard’s Fine Jewelry is having a sale on peridot jewelry. Ask us about how to get 50 percent off a lovely peridot piece! You are also welcome to visit our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI anytime for a close-up look at our selection of fine jewelry.

Summer has officially arrived, which also means that wedding season is in full swing. The beautiful weather makes the summer months the ideal time for a destination or outdoor wedding. While you are ironing out the last details of your big day, organizing your registry and putting the finishing touches on your honeymoon plans, it’s important to think a little bit about the kinds of wedding bands you want. Even though many of your guests might not get a good look at your wedding rings, you’ll be looking at them for years to come, so it’s important that you choose a style that you really love. While purchasing wedding rings can seem overwhelming, you can make the right selection by following some simple tips:

  • Start with a budget: Before you can start shopping at a jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI, always work with your partner to set a budget—and stick to it. Weddings are already an expensive event, and you don’t want to put any extra burden on yourself by falling in love with a wedding band that’s way outside of your budget. When you go ring shopping, make sure to tell your jeweler about your budget and ask them to avoid showing you anything that is out of your comfortable price range.
  • Think about your lifestyle: If you or your partner has a particularly hands-on job or you spend a lot of time on projects or physically involved hobbies, you might not want to buy a ring that has gemstones or other settings, since they are more likely to come out under stress or incur damage.
  • Don’t get hung up on matching sets: If you and your partner have very different preferences when it comes to wedding bands, you don’t have to get a matching set. If you like platinum and your partner likes gold, why not get one of each? You can still get your rings in similar styles or add personalized engraving, but you don’t have to try to come to a consensus on a specific material.
  • Figure out a general style: Before you go to a jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI, it’s helpful to have some direction. While you don’t need to have a very specific style in mind, it’s a good idea to at least know what you don’t want in your wedding band. Ruling out certain styles and features can help ease your shopping experience significantly.

Whether you know exactly what style you want for your wedding bands or you don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re looking for, you can end your search for the perfect rings at Howard’s Fine Jewelry. Our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI carries an extensive selection of fine jewelry, including wedding rings that are designed to fit a variety of preferences, styles and budgets. For 70 years, our team has delivered outstanding customer service and a quality selection of products that stand the test of time. Stop by today for a consultation, and let us help you find the perfect pieces of jewelry for you.

Emeralds are the birthstone for May and a traditional gift for 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries. Our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI currently has emerald inventory on sale, and this would be an excellent opportunity to enjoy these green gems. Before you buy, here are six fascinating facts about emeralds:

  • Colombia is a big producer: The most common source for emeralds is Colombia. Our latest inventory features Colombian emeralds, and that makes sense when you know that over 50 percent of emeralds sold worldwide are from that country.
  • Ancient gem: Emeralds are among the four precious gemstones; the other three are diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The oldest emeralds are estimated to be 2.97 billion years old and were first mined in Egypt around 1500. Incas enjoyed them, too. However, the Spanish did not discover emeralds until the 16th century, when they first arrived in South America.
  • They are difficult to create in labs: A demand for synthetic gems started in the 20th Many of them match in quality to their natural counterparts and make fine jewelry more accessible to more people. Sapphires and rubies were first created in the lab, but emeralds took a little while longer. In 1935, American chemist Carroll Chatham created a one-carat emerald that is now on display in the Smithsonian.
  • Unexpectedly fragile: Emeralds rate 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This is a durable rating, but emeralds lack the density of diamonds and other gems. A one-carat emerald looks larger than a one-carat diamond because of this characteristic. Jewelers must be extra cautious when mounting emeralds into settings because they are susceptible to chipping and cracking. Many jewelers treat emeralds by filling their cracks with oil to reduce the chance of chipping or cracking. Once purchased, you can maintain your emeralds by coating them with baby oil as an extra precaution.
  • High value: The highest quality emeralds are worth more than diamonds. All emeralds have imperfections, but that is accepted as their character standard. The most important element of an emerald is its color; the highest-valued ones are vivid or blueish green and largely transparent. If they are too light, they are not considered emeralds by most gemologists. An emerald pendant belonging to Elizabeth Taylor sold for $6.5 million in 2011, which averaged about $280,000 paid per carat. So, if you choose wisely, your emerald jewelry will be more than an accessory—it will be a good investment.
  • Folklore abounds: Emeralds are surrounded with mystic properties. Ancient tales claim that placing an emerald under your tongue helps you see into the future. Wearing emeralds was thought to support intuition and limit memory loss. If you believe your spouse or partner fails to tell the truth, emeralds are said to act as a truth potion, so you can determine whether your gut feeling is correct. Once, early lapidaries used emeralds to reduce eyestrain after long periods of concentration. Of all these myths, that one remains true—it is often thought emeralds help with eyestrain after long computer use.

Howard’s Fine Jewelry offers jewelry for a variety of occasions, including those May birthdays and anniversaries on your list. Visit our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI today to see our collection of Colombian emeralds!

Amethyst—its brilliant purple hues are recognizable anywhere. Historically, it’s said that the woman who wears amethyst will enjoy its purifying qualities; it soothes the soul, lifts the spirit, and brings peace and clarity. It’s also known to strengthen relationships, which makes it one of the most romantic gift ideas for the month of love.

Whether or not your significant other was born in February, she will likely appreciate a strikingly beautiful amethyst stone set in any of our fine jewelry pieces. Its unique color makes it stand out from the crowd, yet it is one of the most affordable gemstones in our collection. Right now we’re offering all amethyst birthstones at 50% off in our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI, but if you’re not convinced that the amethyst is the right gift idea, here are a few interesting facts about this brilliantly beautiful stone that may change your mind!

It gets that purple color from iron

An amethyst is actually a type of quartz. That beautiful purple color comes from irradiation, iron impurities and the presence of trace elements within the stone. The result is complex crystal lattice substitutions and a color that can range from a deep indigo to a pinkish violet. The deeper and more rich the indigo coloring, the more expensive the stone will be.

It originates in Greek Mythology

Bacchus, the God of Wine, was in love with one of Aphrodite’s nymphs, whose name was Amethyst. However, Amethyst did not share Bacchus’ feelings. She grew weary of Bacchus’ advances, and asked Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite’s solution was to turn Amethyst into a pile of crystals. Bacchus, it is said, was so distraught that he spilled his wine over Amethyst, which gave her the deep purple color that we all recognize so well.

It was the stone of royals

Until the 19th Century, when a large deposit of amethysts was discovered in Brazil, amethysts were once as rare and as valuable as rubies and emeralds. They were often reserved for the adorning of royalty only. Historically, you would often see amethysts featured in the crowns, rings and necklaces worn by royals worldwide. Amethysts were not only rare and valuable, but their rich purple color also made them a sign of wealth, and they were said to bring wisdom and clarity to those who wore them.

There’s a lot of meaning behind them

The amethyst is typically used as a symbol for understanding, wisdom and stronger relationships, and has even been known to bring healing and protection. Regardless of the symbolism tied to the stone, however, your significant other will first and foremost see it as a symbol of your love.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your love this February, we’d love to show you our collection of amethysts. Just stop in to our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI anytime this month and you will also enjoy 50% off all our amethyst birthstones. Call or come see us today at Howard’s Fine Jewelry!

The new year has arrived, and it’s time to start thinking ahead to what it holds. You might already be working on resolutions to stay healthy or try something new or, if you are fashion-conscious, you may be looking forward to the new year of fashion trends. From new shoe styles to patterns and designs, there are a number of new trends that are slated to hit the fashion scene in the coming months.

In addition to trends in clothing, there will also be a variety of trends in jewelry that are worth watching in the coming months. Find out more about what kinds of jewelry trends will be making waves this year, and head to a jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI to stock up and make sure that you are ready to follow the biggest trends of 2018:

  • Stacked bracelets and wristbands: Among the many different trends that have been hitting the runways at 2018 fashion weeks is stacked bracelets. Thick leather bands along with delicate chain bracelets create the perfect accessories for festivals, concerts and other casual events.
  • Choker collars: Choker collars have made their comeback in recent years since their gradual decline in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. They are popular in a variety of different materials, including leather, lace and metal.
  • Statement earrings: Large, dangling earrings are making a fashionable debut this year. Metallic and reflective pieces are especially popular.
  • Brooches: Brooches have long been considered a somewhat outdated accessory, but they had their moment in the spotlight in fashion shows for the 2018 spring season. Large brooches with interesting designs were showcased on collars and lapels in a number of different shows.
  • Layered necklaces: Delicate necklaces of different lengths create a beautiful layered appearance that can be paired with everything from collared shirts to sundresses. Regardless of what you are wearing, layering your necklaces can be a great way to accessorize.
  • Pearl pieces: One of the most popular gemstones on the fashion scene for this year is the pearl. This beautiful organic object is a brilliant centerpiece for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches of all kinds. Whether you are wearing an elegant string of pearls or an intricate pair of dangly pearl earrings, you are certain to make a fashionable statement.
  • Animal themes: Necklaces with sculpted animal head pendants and bracelets with wild patterns could also be spotted at this year’s fashion week for spring and summer. You can get in touch with your wild side with these wildlife-themed jewelry pieces.

Prepare for the new year with new jewelry pieces from Howard’s Fine Jewelry. We have been providing our customers with beautiful jewelry pieces for 70 years, and we continue to offer an inventory that features fashionable items that you are sure to love. No matter what your particular style may be, we would be happy to help you find the pieces that are perfect for you. Stop by and visit our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI today to browse our inventory for yourself.

Sapphires are some of the most stylish and elegant gemstones known to man. These dazzling displays of natural beauty are most commonly thought of as blue, although they can actually come in a myriad of colors. In the jewelry world, sapphires are widely regarded as some of the most desirable stones.

If you are looking to find a stunning stone for your special someone, jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI may have the perfect solution! With discounts and deals continuing throughout the month, now is the perfect time to pick up a lovely gem from your favorite local retailer:

  • Ancient history: Sapphires have been used as jewelry at least as far back as the Roman Empire, where they were polished up and used as pendants.
  • Close cousins: Despite their reputation for being blue, sapphires can actually be found wearing every color of the rainbow—except for red, that is. Red sapphires are better known as rubies!
  • Chemical composition: Sapphires are composed of the mineral corundum. Their colors come from trace element deposits within the gem. Blue sapphires, for instance, derive their color from iron and titanium.
  • Hard and durable: The only substance that can scratch a sapphire is, you guessed it, a diamond! Sapphires are routinely rated as one of the strongest and most durable minerals known to man.
  • September babies: Sapphires represent the September birthstone. If someone special in your life is celebrating a September birthday, now is the perfect time to pay a visit to one of the jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI!
  • Royal associations: Throughout the medieval era, kings wore sapphires, which were thought to be the symbol of royalty. In 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his wife Josephine a sapphire ring that sold at auction for more than $1 million last year!
  • Starry eyed: Asterisms can be found in some sapphires. This starry effect provides a unique look to the already-stunning stones. Some jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI may carry starry sapphires.
  • Chameleons: Some of the most unique gemstones available are the “color changing” sapphires, which exhibit different trace elements depending on the lighting. These rocks often change from blue to purple as the day turns to night.
  • Found across the globe: These stones are mined throughout the world. Some of the most notable sapphire deposits are found in Australia, the United States and Madagascar.

For gemstone enthusiasts, sapphires are some of the most unique prizes available. You can experience these delightful rocks by paying a visit to your local jewelry store!

Sapphires are available for half-cost this month at Howard’s Fine Jewelry. Our establishment is one of the finest jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI. We are known for providing high-quality gems and minerals at reasonable prices. No matter what the occasion may be, you can find the perfect piece of jewelry to match it in our extensive collection! Pick up a sapphire for any September birthdays that you may be celebrating this month, or just show your special someone how much you care by visiting our amazing store.