50% Off Sapphires: Stone of the Month

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Sapphires are some of the most stylish and elegant gemstones known to man. These dazzling displays of natural beauty are most commonly thought of as blue, although they can actually come in a myriad of colors. In the jewelry world, sapphires are widely regarded as some of the most desirable stones.

If you are looking to find a stunning stone for your special someone, jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI may have the perfect solution! With discounts and deals continuing throughout the month, now is the perfect time to pick up a lovely gem from your favorite local retailer:

  • Ancient history: Sapphires have been used as jewelry at least as far back as the Roman Empire, where they were polished up and used as pendants.
  • Close cousins: Despite their reputation for being blue, sapphires can actually be found wearing every color of the rainbow—except for red, that is. Red sapphires are better known as rubies!
  • Chemical composition: Sapphires are composed of the mineral corundum. Their colors come from trace element deposits within the gem. Blue sapphires, for instance, derive their color from iron and titanium.
  • Hard and durable: The only substance that can scratch a sapphire is, you guessed it, a diamond! Sapphires are routinely rated as one of the strongest and most durable minerals known to man.
  • September babies: Sapphires represent the September birthstone. If someone special in your life is celebrating a September birthday, now is the perfect time to pay a visit to one of the jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI!
  • Royal associations: Throughout the medieval era, kings wore sapphires, which were thought to be the symbol of royalty. In 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his wife Josephine a sapphire ring that sold at auction for more than $1 million last year!
  • Starry eyed: Asterisms can be found in some sapphires. This starry effect provides a unique look to the already-stunning stones. Some jewelry stores in Sterling Heights, MI may carry starry sapphires.
  • Chameleons: Some of the most unique gemstones available are the “color changing” sapphires, which exhibit different trace elements depending on the lighting. These rocks often change from blue to purple as the day turns to night.
  • Found across the globe: These stones are mined throughout the world. Some of the most notable sapphire deposits are found in Australia, the United States and Madagascar.

For gemstone enthusiasts, sapphires are some of the most unique prizes available. You can experience these delightful rocks by paying a visit to your local jewelry store!

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