Howard’s Fine Jewelry Reward Card

The exclusive Howard’s Reward Card can be used whenever making purchase at Howard’s Fine Jewelry Store, where you will receive a special offerings or reward dollars for future purchases.

Activate your Card

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your card. Now you just need to go here to activate it.

Check Your Balance

See what rewards you’ve earned by logging into your cardholder account.

How It Works

Signing up for Howard’s Rewards is simple and easy.   The Howard’s Rewards card offers membership benefits that make you eligible for instant cash back rewards whenever you present your card at checkout.  These rewards are in straight $.$$ currency (no points) and can be redeemed on future sales as if you were spending real cash.

All balances are kept separate on a location by location basis so you only need one card.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Get a Card:  You must acquire an official Howard’s Rewards card from Howard’s Fine Jewelry store.
  • Activate Card and Unlock Preloaded Rewards:   Once you acquire a card, activate it online by email, mobile text or facebook by completing the registration process and choosing a password.  Howard’s Rewards will send you a welcome email or text with final instructions to activate your account.  You must click this email link or reply to the text to activate your account.  Be sure to check your deleted items or spam folder in case this email does not show up in your inbox within a minute of registration.
  • Earn Instant Cash Back Rewards:  Present your card at checkout to record your sales activity and immediately start earning cash back rewards valid toward a future purchase.
  • Load Gift Value (Optional):  At your discretion, you can use your Howard’s Rewards card like a gift card and load either gift value or games value by pre-paying in advance.  Many merchants offer additional reward incentives when loading gift value on your card.  Please note you can only redeem the balances on your card at the location where the value was originally loaded or earned.
  • Redeem Earned Rewards:  Return back to the location where you have accumulated balances and redeem your rewards. The more you spend, the more you earn!  Login to your account online anytime to check real-time balances available on your card.