So, you finally proposed, and she said yes! The next few months will be spent accepting congratulations, planning the wedding and showing off that sparkly engagement ring. Now that you have the engagement ring, it’s time to pick out the perfect wedding band to accompany it.

Finding a wedding ring can seem like an overwhelming process, though. Not only does the ring have to suit the bride, but it also needs to complement the engagement ring. These two rings will become an essential piece of jewelry your partner will wear every day for years to come. You’ll want to ensure the wedding ring set is something they’ll absolutely adore. Follow these tips to find the perfect wedding band in Sterling Heights, MI.

Buy the set together

The easiest way to find a perfectly-matched wedding band is to purchase it with the engagement ring. Jewelry stores usually offer a matching bridal set, which includes both the engagement ring and wedding band together. They’re designed to match, so you can count on them looking great.

Set a budget

Don’t be swayed by all the flashy diamonds shining back on you when entering the jewelry store. Price needs to be on your mind throughout the entire shopping experience. Set a budget before ever entering the jewelry store. By knowing your budget, you’ll be able to work with the jeweler to identify the options within your price range. This will help avoid any awkward situations when you or your partner falls in love with a band that’s well beyond your means.

Mix it up

Many couples choose to match their metal band sets. This is done to symbolize the unity of marriage and indicate the two sets belonged together. Another option is to forgo tradition and to choose the best set for each person instead. Choosing non-matching metals and styles for your wedding bands doesn’t say anything about the marriage. In fact, many couples are choosing this non-traditional route as it lets them best express their love and personal style. Remember either option—whether it’s a matching pair or two unique sets—will be perfect either way.

Factor in your lifestyle

Keep in mind that you will be wearing this band every day for the rest of your life. Because of this, you’ll want a band that fits your lifestyle. The last thing you want is to purchase a ring that ends up being completely impractical for your day-to-day activities. Those who play sports, for example, might like a slimmer ring with rounded edges, while a simple solid metal ring without any gemstones is the best option for those who work with their hands. Adventure junkies may want to opt for platinum, as it’s extra durable and resistant to scratching.

Don’t neglect maintenance

A wedding band will need regular maintenance to sparkle for years to come. A stone-covered band will need to be washed and cleaned with a brush to remove any dirt. Others will need professional cleaning on an annual basis. If this sounds like too much, you might want to opt for a gold or platinum band that requires minimal maintenance.

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Those born in the month of April are lucky enough to have the most valuable and precious gemstone as their birthstone: the diamond. Diamonds are the perfect gift for those born in April. Its unmatched shine and luster have made the glamorous diamond a favorite for both men and women for centuries. They are known for their toughness. In fact, diamonds are actually the hardest material in the world, and can only be cut by other diamonds. They add beauty and luxury to any situation, making diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI the perfect birthday gift! Read on to learn more about this precious gemstone.

History of the diamond

Diamonds are formed below the surface of the Earth’s crust before being pushed upward, where they are later uncovered. Many ancient civilizations thought diamonds were lightning on Earth. This is likely how the stone became associated with having healing powers. The diamond was thought to cure brain disease, cleanse the body of toxins and relieve pituitary gland disorders. They first became prevalent in India, where they were mined from three major rivers in the 1400s. The diamonds were then sold throughout Europe. From there, diamonds became a jewelry staple known for symbolizing eternal and lasting love. Today, diamonds are found in Australia, Ghana, Zaire, Russia, Brazil and the United States.

The meaning of April’s birthstone

Diamonds are the birthstone for April, but they’re known for so much more than that. You likely know the stone’s association with love. The ancient Romans thought Cupid’s arrow had a diamond on its tip. Even today, some people believe diamonds can improve and even ensure the longevity of a relationship. Diamonds’ extreme strength has also led to the belief that they will increase the strength and courage of the wearer.

Diamond jewelry birthstone gifts

You can’t go wrong with giving anyone who was an April baby the timeless gift of diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI. Here are some of our favorite April birthstone gift options:

  • Diamond pendant: A stunning diamond pendant is a guaranteed way to take someone’s breath away. Choose a classic clear diamond with a gold chain for a timeless staple the wearer will treasure. Another option is a bezel-set diamond flanked by an intricate sterling silver pendant.
  • Diamond stud earrings: A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings will be treasured for years to come, and they’ll look great on anyone!
  • Diamond tennis bracelet: There are so many different styles to choose from when it comes to tennis bracelets. You can opt for a classic 14k white gold tennis bracelet, or a trendy rose gold option. Either way, your loved one will absolutely adore their new diamond bracelet.

Looking for the perfect April birthday gift? Howard’s Fine Jewelry has an extensive selection of diamond jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI. Our professional team of jewelry experts will help you find a beautiful gift your loved one will be sure to wear and cherish for years to come. Come see us today to peruse our stock!

It’s no secret that men enjoy owning nice things. Like many women, a lot of men are serious about how they dress on a daily basis. Everything from ties and shoes to undergarments and wardrobe accessories are important to a majority of men, including wearing the perfect wristwatch. However, casual watch wearers and watch collectors alike have fallen into traps because they aren’t going into a purchase fully informed of things like style, price, trends and upkeep.

Whether you want to buy a new watch for yourself or as a gift for someone else, shopping while informed will lead you to the right one. Ready to find out what not to do? Here are some common mistakes people make when buying men’s watches in Sterling Heights, MI.

Mistake #1: Buying a watch because it’s the current trend

There are a number of different types and styles of watches on the market at any given time. Especially today, you have to be aware of the hi-tech trends sweeping the watch industry. These highly sought-after watches feature computer-like elements, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best kind of watch for you. Keep in mind that hi-tech trends like these come and go, but classic watch options will always be popular.

Mistake #2: Getting a watch a friend or family member likes

You might have the same watch style as someone close to you, but if you don’t, you are under no obligation to take their suggestions. You need to decide what to buy for yourself—choose a watch that flows with your clothes, shoes, hairstyle, personality, overall fashion sense, etc. That said, you should certainly consider the opinions of others, but ultimately the final decision is yours. After all, you’re going to be the one wearing the watch!

Mistake #3: Choosing a watch that’s visually “too much”

You want to avoid buying a watch that is too loud or distracting. It’s not only first time watch buyers that make this mistake—those who own multiple watches do it, too. When shopping for a watch, factor in your day-to-day routines, work and home environments and extracurricular activities. Your office or school may have a dress code. Find this out before buying an expensive watch. A situation like a job interview is another thing to keep in mind. Wearing a loud watch might turn the interviewer off, and how you dress—including the watch you wear on your wrist—can tell a potential boss a lot about you as a person.

Mistake #4: Selecting the wrong size watch

Look through a selection of great-looking watches and focus on their features and details. When choosing a watch, be sure to select one that is elegant, but more importantly one that is the right size for your wrist. Try on a few watches. Mess around with them. Ask the salesperson if the watch will still look right on you if links are added or removed.

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While there are two birthstones associated with the month of March—bloodstone and aquamarine—we want to take some time today to highlight the latter. Aquamarine gemstones sport a beautiful, clear blue color, typically an icy blue hue. How much do you really know about this birthstone? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about aquamarine jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI to celebrate March:

  • Its name and what it’s used for: The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin phrase “aqua marina,” which translates to “sea water.” This is the perfect title for a gemstone that has the color and clarity of the ocean. And if you follow astrology, then you know that some March babies are Pisces, as in water and fish. This gemstone has been used in decorative jewelry and protective amulets since as far back as 500 B.C., but has also been utilized for its supposed healing powers, especially its ability to soothe and calm a person’s nerves.
  • Its healing powers: In addition to the possibility that aquamarine can calm and soothe nerves, this gem is believed to work extremely well as a beneficial mediation tool. It is said that this beautiful gem stone can lead the meditator to his or her core spirituality. In ancient Roman times, it was thought that aquamarine stones could cure problems with the stomach, liver and throat, as well as reduce fluid retention. Folks in the Middle Ages used the gem to reduce anxiety and the toxicity of poisons.
  • It’s believed to have mystical powers: Wearing an aquamarine gemstone was thought to increase a person’s courage, happiness, wisdom and youthfulness, and was also used to protect against gossip. More modern-day beliefs treat aquamarine as a symbol of courage, faithfulness and friendship. Also, back in the day, sailors used the gem for protection and safety at sea. They believed it was a treasure from mermaids that could ward off illness and protect them from the devil.
  • Its color: Although typically pictured as a very blue gemstone, individual aquamarine gems actually range in color, from blue-green to sea-foam green to teal. The color depends on its hue, saturation and tone. Hue determines whether it will have a warm or cool shade, tone measures how light or dark the color is and saturation is the color quality, measuring whether it’s dull or bright and vivid.
  • Its properties: Aquamarine is a semi-precious gem from the beryl family, which includes morganite and emerald. These gemstones are graded using the same system for diamonds, judged by color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Aquamarine is also considered soft enough to be cut into a wide variety of styles and shapes.
  • It’s easy to clean: Because aquamarine is extremely durable, it does not require special care. Flawless aquamarine gemstone jewelry is safe to clean in ultrasonic cleaners, but you only need a soft brush and soapy water to care for it at home. Just rinse with water and wipe dry.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart? Want to treat yourself to something special? Diamond pendants in Sterling Heights, MI are ideal. Their elegance and refinement add shimmering beauty to any look. Available in a variety of styles, diamond pendants can suit any taste.

Check out the latest selection of diamond pendants in Sterling Heights, MI below. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a pendant, please contact your expert jewelers at Howard’s Fine Jewelry:

  • Heart pendant: This 18k white gold diamond heart pendant is a dazzling expression of love. Simple but elegant in design, it is a perfect gift to tell someone how much you care. The pendant features 37 diamonds and weighs .25ct.
  • Snowflake pendant: This intricate design features 75 diamonds that create a beautiful snowflake shape. The 18kt white gold diamond pendant weighs .70ct. For those seeking a gift for a one-of-a-kind sweetheart, this snowflake pendant is ideal.
  • Spiral pendant: This flowing 18kt white gold diamond pendant draws the eye with its 15 flowing diamonds. The piece weighs .53ct. Its design makes it the perfect complement to v-neck attire.
  • Floral pendant: For those who want a splash of color with their diamonds, this floral design is a magnificent match. The 18kt white and yellow gold diamond pendant features gold petals accented with diamonds. Diamonds total .21ct.
  • Clover pendant: Resembling a flower or four-leaf clover, this 18kt white gold diamond pendant would make any recipient feel lucky. With a large center diamond, the clover is outlined with diamonds, for a total of 59 gems weighing .55ct.
  • Cross pendant: Eleven diamonds make up this cross-shaped pendant. Wear it as an expression of faith. Give it as an expression of love. The 18kt white gold diamond cross pendant’s 11 diamonds weigh .96 ct.
  • Hollow heart pendant: This heart-shaped pendant features 22 diamonds weighing .17ct. The traditional heart design is never out of style. It’s a classic among diamond pendants in Sterling Heights, MI.
  • Cascade pendant: With a flowing design that attracts attention, this 18kt white gold diamond pendant weighs .03ct. For those seeking a unique design, this is made for you.
  • Cognac diamonds: A combination of cognac and white diamonds create an attractive 14kt diamond pendant. The clover-like shape features a total of .08ct cognac diamonds and 3/8ct white diamonds.
  • Floral sphere: Want something unique to add to your jewelry collection? This 18kt diamond pendant in Sterling Heights, MI features a fashionable floral and circular design combination that will make you stand out in a crowd when you don it.

Stay on Trend

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How much do you know about amethyst? If you were born in February, you may know more than the average person. If your birthstone is a different gem, you might not be as familiar with this beautiful stone. Since this is the perfect month to buy amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI, we thought we’d provide a few fun facts about amethyst.

Use this fact sheet to guide your jewelry purchases, gain a better appreciation of this gem or simply score some extra points in your next trivia game. Enjoy!


Amethyst is made of quartz, which can be found across the globe. It is often found in granite rock cavities and in geodes. Irradiation, trace elements and iron impurities give amethyst its purple hue. Its typical color can range from deep purple to light violet. Colors can vary within each stone. The gem rates fairly high on the hardness scale, making it a durable and lasting option for amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI.


The word “amethyst” comes from Ancient Greek, from the word “methustos.” This means “intoxicated.” In ancient times, wearers of amethyst believed that donning this stone would protect them from intoxication.


Amethyst is frequently associated with the qualities of courage, peace, strength and stability. It is the birthstone for February. It is also used to celebrate the 6th and 17th years of marriage.


Amethyst has been central to many myths and legends throughout history. It has been used to symbolize royalty, ward off intoxication and keep wearers clear-headed. At times, it has been held in regard similar to diamonds. However, once abundant supplies of amethyst were discovered, it became more affordable and could be enjoyed by more jewelry lovers worldwide.


Today, few wearers of amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI place this gem on their ears or fingers or around their necks in an attempt to remain quick-witted. They simply enjoy its beautiful hues. Its shade makes amethyst complementary to both warm and cool colors, offering a versatile look that works great in all seasons and with a full range of wardrobe styles.


When is the best time to purchase amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI? As mentioned, February’s birthstone is amethyst, so this is the perfect birthday gift for friends and family who are celebrating this month. It’s also great for 6th and 17th anniversary gifts.

A versatile gem, amethyst is great for bold statement jewelry as well as for more subtle pieces. Its warmth and beauty can add something special to any jewelry box.

Where to Buy

Are you looking for the perfect amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI? Whether you want to celebrate a loved one or treat yourself, Howard’s Fine Jewelry offers a beautiful collection of amethyst jewelry. Visit our store today to view our dazzling amethyst collection or contact one of our expert jewelers with any questions about this gorgeous gem. We look forward to doing everything we can to make your February even more special!

Looking to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done? Then come on out to Howard’s Fine Jewelry! We can promise you you’ll find the best jewelry prices in town in Sterling Heights, MI at our store, with a level of quality supported by our 70 years in business helping the people of our region with all their jewelry needs.

Here are just a few tips to help you find the perfect jewelry gift this Christmas:

  • Make it practical: While it can be nice to have something for very special occasions, many people who wear jewelry like to have something they’d wear on a daily basis. Think hoops, rolling bracelets, charms on long chains or anything else that can go with daily attire.
  • Avoid the big brand names: It’s always better to support local businesses and avoid going to the big brand name jewelers when you can. Most of those larger stores have higher prices because they’re spending more money on their advertising and awareness activities. When shopping at a smaller store, you’re supporting local business owners who take a tremendous amount of pride in their craft and their work. This goes for brand name jewelry as well—just because something has a familiar brand name and costs more does not mean it’s any better than a brand name you’re unaware of.
  • Look for birthstones: Jewelry that features the gift recipient’s birthstone is always a meaningful gesture. There are plenty of birthstones and semi-precious stone alternatives that will be impressive, beautiful and meaningful.
  • Get advice: If you’re not particularly knowledgeable about jewelry, then it makes sense to seek the advice of someone who is. Fortunately, a skilled jeweler will be able to answer any questions you have and make some specific recommendations for you based on what you think you might be looking for. Jewelers in smaller shops are much more likely to provide unbiased advice than jewelers in big brand name stores that are angling hard for a commission.
  • Bring a friend or family member: If you’re buying for a specific person, it can be a good idea to bring a friend or family member along who knows their tastes and can give you a second opinion on items you’re looking at. Though everyone is going to have different tastes, it can help to have another person with you to bounce ideas off of.
  • Look at pearls: Pearls are a perfect complement to just about all types of styles, and they’re nowhere near as expensive as diamonds. There are multiple grades of pearls to choose from, meaning you have various price points to accommodate any budget, but if you’re looking for a necklace, then pearls are a solid idea.

For more information and tips about purchasing jewelry this Christmas season and in the months ahead, we encourage you to contact the experts at Howard’s Fine Jewelry today. Remember, Howard’s Fine Jewelry has the best jewelry prices in town in Sterling Heights, MI, so come on down today before the holiday is over!

The three birthstones for December are all varying shades of blue: blue topaz, tanzanite and turquoise. Each of these gems has their own unique properties and historical characteristics, and all are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to precious gems, despite having undeniable beauty.

Here’s a bit of information about each of these three December birthstones.


Tanzanite is the blue variety of a mineral called zoisite that is only found in Tanzania (hence the name of the stone). Tanzanite was discovered relatively recently, in 1967, and has since rapidly risen in terms of worldwide popularity.

Most tanzanite you’ll find on the market today has been heat treated to minimize the brown colors that occur naturally in the stone. As a result, the blue shades in the stone get enhanced, and are capable of rivaling even sapphire.

Even with the greater awareness of tanzanite and the greater demand for the stone, it’s still only found in a very small area in Tanzania, close to Mount Kilimanjaro. The price and availability of the stone are therefore tied directly to the mines that produce it in an area of just a few square miles.

In terms of hardness, tanzanite in Sterling Heights, MI comes in between a 6.5 and a 7 on the Mohs scale, not nearly as hard as sapphire and making it a bit vulnerable to scratching. Therefore, it’s better for use in earrings and pendants than it is in rings.

Blue topaz

Blue topaz, also known as blue zircon, is a blue variety of a gem that commonly occurs in a brownish red color, which can make it popular for people looking for a stone with earth tones. The blue color results from heat treatment, which helps to stabilize the radioactivity that can occur in the stone.

The stone is found in a variety of locations, including Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Cambodia, Canada and the United States. The largest producer is Australia, where the stone dates back 4.4 billion years. About 37 percent of the world’s supply of the gem comes from Australia.

Fun fact: in the Middle Ages, people believed blue topaz in Sterling Heights, MI was capable of warding off evil, inducing sleep and promoting financial success and prosperity among its owners.


Most people are familiar with the beautiful light blue-green of turquoise in Sterling Heights, MI. It has been a staple of jewelry collections since ancient times, often referred to as the “Turkish stone,” and the color often referred to as “Persian blue.” Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was an important historical source of turquoise, but today the United States is the world’s largest supplier, with turquoise being found and produced in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. The stone’s prevalence in the Southwest made it a Native American staple.

Turquoise can be sensitive to direct sunlight and to solvents found in makeups and perfumes. It also only registers up to a 6 on the Mohs scale, which means it’s not ideal for use in rings.

For more information about these December birthstones, contact Howard’s Fine Jewelry or visit our jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI today!

Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, from blues to pinks and yellows. In a white diamond, though, the presence of certain color tints will lower its value. You want less color in a white diamond so it can reflect more true color, which makes it more valuable.

The diamond industry uses the GIA color scale, which is a scale from D (colorless) through Z (light color). All of the diamonds that fall within this scale are considered white diamonds, even if they do have a little bit of color in them. True colored diamonds have their own color scale used to grade them.

The differences between some of these grades can be extremely difficult for the untrained eye to spot, and usually only a gemologist is able to make an accurate grade by performing side-by-side comparisons. D, E and F diamonds, for example, all appear extremely similar to each other if you are not sure exactly what to look for, and especially if you do not have them next to each other for comparison. Those diamonds should only be set in white gold or platinum, because they are so clear—otherwise, yellow gold would reflect its color and eliminate the colorless effect you get out of the perfectly white diamond.

What to look for when buying diamonds

So, if you’re out at a jewelry store, what should you be looking for in terms of diamond clarity in Sterling Heights, MI?

Typically, you’ll find the best value in the G to J range. If you’re getting a larger diamond (over one carat) you should opt for the G to H range, as color is easier to detect in these diamonds, but I to J is perfectly fine for diamonds under one carat.

What gives these diamonds the best value? Since it’s nearly impossible for the naked eye to discern the difference at the top of the color scale for white diamonds, you’re not losing much of anything with regard to aesthetic value in purchasing a diamond a little farther down the scale, but you’re also saving yourself quite a bit of money in the process. If you really want to make a visual difference you should invest in a higher cut rather than a higher color, as the cut is going to play more of a role in the diamond’s brilliance.

Diamonds that have more facets reflect more light, which means they’re going to hide color better than other shapes. Therefore, round, princess and other modified brilliant cuts are going to give you a little more leeway in terms of color.

Finally, if you are concerned about carat weight and have a smaller budget to work with, consider getting a yellow gold setting and a round diamond that falls in the K to L color range. A lower color with a higher cut grade will have more visual appeal than a diamond in a higher color range but lower cut grade.

For more information about buying diamonds and what to look for with regard to color and diamond clarity in Sterling Heights, MI, contact Howard’s Fine Jewelry or pay a visit to our store today!

It’s November, which means this is the month to bring out your citrine and topaz! People who are born during the month of November are able to choose between either of these gemstones to add a touch of color and brightness to what is otherwise a gray, chilly month in many areas. These stones are beloved for their warmth and calming energy.

It’s fitting that the two are both November birthstones—they are often mistaken for each other, despite being completely unrelated minerals. They look very similar in many circumstances, though topaz has a much wider spectrum of colors than citrine does.

Here’s a brief overview of citrine and topaz in Sterling Heights, MI, courtesy of the team at Howard’s Fine Jewelry.


There was a long period of time where all yellow gems were classified as topaz, and all topaz was thought to be yellow. However, we have since learned that topaz comes in a wide variety of colors, and many of the stones that were first classified as topaz are not at all related to it.

The name “topaz” comes from “Topazios,” which was the ancient Greek name for St. John’s Island, located in the Red Sea. The island was famous for the yellow stones that were mined there, although ironically the stones that were pulled from the mines on the island were probably not actually true topaz.

Pure topaz is actually colorless, but its impurities tint it to take on any color you can think of. Precious topaz is generally considered to have a color range from brownish orange to yellow, and it can often be mistaken for citrine quartz or smoky quartz, even though these minerals are completely unrelated to each other. Imperial topaz is perhaps the most prized color—it features a bold orange with pink undertones. Blue topaz is becoming more common in the market, but does not frequently occur naturally—usually the blue topaz you’ll find in stores has been put through irradiation treatments.

Topaz measures an eight on the Mohs scale, which makes it hard and durable.


Citrine also comes in a wide range of colors, from pale yellow to brownish orange. This variant of quartz takes its name from the citron (or lemon) fruit, thanks to its lemony shades of yellow.

Its pale yellow color is very similar to topaz, so the confusion between the two is understandable. This yellow color exists because of traces of iron found in the crystals. This does not occur frequently in nature—most of the citrine you’ll find on the market was made with heat treatments of other types of quartz. The vast majority of citrine on the market comes from Brazil, and the different regions of the world tend to produce different hues.

Citrine comes in at a seven on the Mohs scale, making it relatively durable and capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear.

For more information about citrine and topaz in Sterling Heights, MI, contact Howard’s Fine Jewelry or visit our jewelry store today!