February Birthstone: Amethyst Jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI

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How much do you know about amethyst? If you were born in February, you may know more than the average person. If your birthstone is a different gem, you might not be as familiar with this beautiful stone. Since this is the perfect month to buy amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI, we thought we’d provide a few fun facts about amethyst.

Use this fact sheet to guide your jewelry purchases, gain a better appreciation of this gem or simply score some extra points in your next trivia game. Enjoy!


Amethyst is made of quartz, which can be found across the globe. It is often found in granite rock cavities and in geodes. Irradiation, trace elements and iron impurities give amethyst its purple hue. Its typical color can range from deep purple to light violet. Colors can vary within each stone. The gem rates fairly high on the hardness scale, making it a durable and lasting option for amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI.


The word “amethyst” comes from Ancient Greek, from the word “methustos.” This means “intoxicated.” In ancient times, wearers of amethyst believed that donning this stone would protect them from intoxication.


Amethyst is frequently associated with the qualities of courage, peace, strength and stability. It is the birthstone for February. It is also used to celebrate the 6th and 17th years of marriage.


Amethyst has been central to many myths and legends throughout history. It has been used to symbolize royalty, ward off intoxication and keep wearers clear-headed. At times, it has been held in regard similar to diamonds. However, once abundant supplies of amethyst were discovered, it became more affordable and could be enjoyed by more jewelry lovers worldwide.


Today, few wearers of amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI place this gem on their ears or fingers or around their necks in an attempt to remain quick-witted. They simply enjoy its beautiful hues. Its shade makes amethyst complementary to both warm and cool colors, offering a versatile look that works great in all seasons and with a full range of wardrobe styles.


When is the best time to purchase amethyst jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI? As mentioned, February’s birthstone is amethyst, so this is the perfect birthday gift for friends and family who are celebrating this month. It’s also great for 6th and 17th anniversary gifts.

A versatile gem, amethyst is great for bold statement jewelry as well as for more subtle pieces. Its warmth and beauty can add something special to any jewelry box.

Where to Buy

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