Five Reasons to Buy Your Jewelry in Person, Not Online

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Can you even remember what life was like before the internet existed? There’s no doubt that the World Wide Web has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and opened up new doors for people. You can now order groceries online, book appointments online, keep up with friends and family—and read blogs like this one!

But while the internet is great for some purposes, there are other areas in life where it still is best to do things the “old-fashioned” way, and shopping for jewelry is one of them. Here are five reasons why we think it’s a good idea to buy jewelry from a brick and mortar jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI instead of online:

  • Get the full picture: There are some things in life that simply cannot be replicated in a photo—and jewelry is one of them! No matter how high-quality the camera, the sparkle of a diamond or exact shade of a ruby needs to be experienced in person. The only way to be fully certain you picked the right product is to buy it in person, at your local jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI.
  • Know your jeweler: When you buy jewelry online, you are purchasing it from a nameless, faceless person. But when you buy from a favorite brick and mortar shop, you have the opportunity to get to know your jeweler. As she gets to know you and your tastes, she can recommend new pieces just for you, and maybe even set something aside when she knows you will like it.
  • Avoid scams and fakes: Imagine finally receiving your jewelry in the mail, only to realize it isn’t what it was supposed to be! No matter how savvy you make think you are, there is always a chance that the jewelry piece you are buying could be a scam or a fake. Even otherwise reputable ecommerce sites sometimes allow sketchy third-party vendors to sneak in through the cracks.
  • Create memories: When you tell your grandkids the story of buying your engagement ring, do you want the memory to just be clicking the button and waiting for it to arrive in the mail? Actually going to the jewelry shop and picking out a piece of jewelry creates a real memory that you can look back on fondly. There is something to be said for sentimentality!
  • Surprise yourself: Chances are you know what kind of jewelry you like—but shouldn’t you be open to trying new things? If you search for a specific gemstone or style online, you bypass all the other options, meaning you never get to discover new pieces that you just might fall in love with. Half the fun of going to a jewelry store is browsing, after all.

Looking to buy some jewelry for yourself or a loved one? If so, we hope you will visit Howard’s Fine Jewelry, your local jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the piece that is just right.

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