Colored Diamond Trends

Though pure white diamonds continue to reign supreme as a traditional symbol of glamour and glittering loveliness, colored diamonds are becoming more fashion forward. From sunny canary yellow stones to rich chocolate gems to dramatic black diamonds, colored diamonds are stylish, sophisticated and unique. Known in gemology as “fancy” diamonds, demand for pieces made from these classy colored stones has grown dramatically in the past few years, driven in part by their increasing appearances on the red carpet. From Barbra Streisand to Heidi Klum, celebs are sporting some eye-popping colored diamond pieces.

Cornucopia of Colors

Occurring naturally in every hue of the rainbow, colored diamonds’ hues are actually caused by impurities within the stone. The cost of natural colored diamonds is largely dependent on the color’s rarity, with red being the rarest of all. Luckily for today’s stylish diamond fans, the gems can be specially treated by gemologists with color treatments called irradiation, making the rich, intense tones of colored diamonds available at less prohibitive prices. Fancy colored diamonds are classified by their shade and intensity, and are typically set in a metal that will enhance their hue. Because colors can be artificially created in a diamond, any fancy colored diamond marketed as natural should be accompanied by a certificate from a respected grading lab.
Sunny Yellows
This year’s favorite tint is canary yellow, with the sunny diamonds gleaming everywhere from Hollywood soirees to haute couture runways. Tones range from intense to pale yellow, and the stones are typically set in yellow gold prongs, regardless of the overall metals used in the piece.

Charming Chocolates
Known for their wide variety of colors and undertones, chocolate, cognac and champagne diamonds are ultra-hot this year. These earth-toned diamonds, available in an endless assortment of hues from deep to delicately pale, are perfect warm, neutral stones for accessorizing almost any outfit.

Poetic Pinks
Diamond-loving ladies continue to rock the pretty-in-pink vibe of rosy-colored diamonds. Often mounted in rose gold prongs as a complement to the stone itself, pink diamonds have a sweetly nostalgic appeal. Natural pink diamonds range in tone from orangey pink to purplish pink, and are prohibitively expensive due to their rarity. However, with the advent of irradiating heat treatments, these romantic rocks are now available to a wider range of women looking for that perfect posh pink.

Bold Blacks
Make a dramatic statement with gleaming black diamonds, stunning alone in a solitaire setting or mixed with white diamonds set in gleaming platinum. Available designs include striking chandelier earrings, black-and-white diamond combination pieces, and dramatic black solitaires. Black and silver diamonds are at the lower end of the price scale for fancy colored diamonds, making them both stylish and affordable.

Colored diamonds are trendy, beautiful choices when designing or choosing the perfect diamond jewelry or accessory. While white diamonds are classic, these colorful beauties are fun and festive options when making your next diamond purchase. Find a trusted diamond jeweler near you.