July Birthstone: Rubies

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If one of your close friends or family members has a birthday in July, you might be at a loss trying to figure out what to give them. Giving birthday gemstone jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI can be a thoughtful gift, and July’s birthstone is the ruby. The ruby is a beautiful stone, but you might not know much about it beyond its signature red hue. Find out a little bit more about this gemstone and tell your loved one about the significance of the ruby to put even more meaning behind a ruby birthday gift.

The origin, significance and status of the ruby

The actual name “ruby” comes from the Latin word “rubis,” which can literally be translated as “red.” The ruby has all kinds of wonderful meanings behind it. The gem represents love, emotion, passion and courage, and has long-been considered the king of all gemstones. Centuries ago, it was commonly believed that the person wearing a red ruby would encounter good fortune. As such, rubies have been worn by royalty, including kings and emperors, throughout history.

Rubies come in a variety of red shades, with hues ranging from reddish purples and blues to red-oranges. Burmese rubies are the most valuable rubies and have a distinctively vibrant red color that has some blue undertones. Rubies are nearly as strong as diamonds and exceed emeralds in their strength. They are also one of the most valuable gemstones on the planet. In fact, rubies that don’t have any imperfections actually surpass diamonds in value. Over the years, many labs have produced synthetic rubies that closely imitate the real thing.

Despite their inherent beauty and strength, most of the rubies that you see incorporated into jewelry have been treated to some extent to increase their appearance and strength. The most popular and valuable rubies tend to come from Thailand or Myanmar, which is where the term “Burmese ruby” came from. Because a ruby’s color is defined by a specific mineral, the geographic location of a ruby can have a significant impact on its appearance, depending on the geological presence of chromium. Myanmar rubies are renowned for their impressive fluorescence. In fact, these stones are even known to have a kind of glowing appearance when exposed to sunlight.

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