Buy Your Jewelry in Sterling Heights, MI During Our Christmas in July Sale!

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This year, July isn’t just when people will be celebrating the country’s independence or spending quality time with their family. For those who enjoy looking at or wearing beautiful pieces of jewelry, this month is the one time of year you’ll want to visit your favorite jewelry store, Howard’s Fine Jewelry. You might be hesitant to stop by because you have so much jewelry already, but our Christmas in July sale is one sale you’ll regret missing!

Here are some of the benefits of buying jewelry from Howard’s Fine Jewelry during our Christmas in July Sale:

  • Great prices: When you don’t have to pay full price for items, whether it is clothes, shoes or jewelry, it is always a great feeling. During our Christmas in July sale, you’ll get to purchase various pieces for a discounted price. Perhaps you have been looking to add to your ring collection or pick up a new pair of earrings for an upcoming wedding. July would be the time to stop by and find the pieces you have been searching for.
  • Variety: It can be a boring shopping experience when stores don’t have a lot of variety or have lots of pieces that you already own. You don’t just want to see different types of jewelry—you’ll want to see jewelry in different shapes, sizes and colors. At Howard’s Fine Jewelry, you’re always able to find the variety you are looking for, but this July, many new pieces will be added, increasing your chances of finding something you’ll love.
  • High quality: Quality is important when you are spending your money on anything. Jewelry is going to be an expensive purchase, so you want to be sure the pieces you buy are of the highest quality. They don’t need to just look good—they need to last for many years and still look like they did when you first bought them. Since the new pieces being showcased this July were featured in JCK Las Vegas, the world’s largest jewelry expo, you can feel comfortable purchasing them because you are pretty much guaranteed they are of very high quality.
  • Unique: You don’t want to have what everyone else owns, so you have to be careful what you buy, and that’s true even when it comes to jewelry. When you go to the store to pick out jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you might want to avoid those pieces that are boring and simple. Rather than buy something that looks just like what everyone else has on their wrists, fingers, neck or ears, you can opt for something that is unique and one-of-a-kind.

If you are looking for a new ring, necklace or other piece of jewelry, you don’t want to purchase it at just any jewelry store. You want one that offers you a variety of high quality, unique pieces for an affordable price. During the Christmas in July sale at Howard’s Fine Jewelry, you can find exactly what you are looking for and much more.

If you are a VIP customer interested in checking out the new pieces first showcased at JCK Las Vegas, you can stop by Howard’s Fine Jewelry today.

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