Everything You Need to Know About Peridot Before You Visit the Jewelry Store in Sterling Heights, MI

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There are very few months that have more than one birthstone, and August is one of them. Although sardonyx is a brilliant stone, the most widely recognized birthstone for the month of August is peridot. With the help of this guide and the jewelry store in Sterling Heights, MI, you can understand a little bit more about this gem and all of its splendor.


In ancient times, peridot was mined from an island in the Red Sea called Zabargad, which means “olivine” in Arabic. This volcanic island is commonly referred to as St. John, and is known for its extremely hot temperatures year-round, except for during the middle of the winter months. As the magma in volcanoes rises to the earth’s surface and transforms into lava, olivine is formed, and this mineral can sometimes even be found in meteorites as well. Of gem quality, this stone is transparent and composed of magnesium-iron silicates, and the main source of peridot currently is right here in the United States on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona.

Summertime shine

Depending on how much iron is present in the stone that is used to create a particular piece of peridot jewelry, the appearance can range from a striking olive or yellowish green to a rich, brownish-greenish hue. As this is one of the gemstones that is composed of very few impurities, the color often appears uniform and complete. That means that when you get this stone out in the sun, your jewelry will enjoy a special kind of glisten that is sure to turn heads, making these pieces great accessories to wear with your summer outfits. Peridot is also referred to as the evening emerald, because it looks just as great in artificial light as well. You can wear your peridot pieces to dinner or for a night out on the town, and they will still possess the right amount of glimmer that lets you represent your birth month with pride.

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